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Transfer Your ProStores Dedicated Domain to a New Registrar

(Required only for some ProStores accounts)

ProStores dedicated domain services are administered by the accredited registrar, eNom. A ProStores dedicated domain is one where you might have:

• Purchased and registered a custom domain through ProStores
• Transferred an existing domain to ProStores to serve as registrar and host

The ProStores eCommerce platform, and the ProStores/eNom domain registrar service under the ProStores 'domain reseller account' will cease operation after January 31, 2015. If your domain is currently registered with ProStores/eNom and you wish to keep it, you must transfer this ProStores dedicated domain to a new registrar by January 31, 2015. It is highly recommended that you take action to obtain full domain access and control as soon as possible, and that you initiate the domain transfer at least 15 days before shutdown to ensure that there is enough lead time to address any possible complications that might delay the transfer.

1. Merchants can transfer their dedicated domain to any registrar they wish. Often the easiest and fastest solution is to transfer your domain to your new eCommerce provider.

One registrar, eNom, can offer a no cost, quick and easy solution to migrate your dedicated domain from a ProStores domain registrar account to a new eNom account where the merchant retains ownership and is allowed full access and control of the domain. To learn more about this process to move a ProStores dedicated domain to a private eNom account, please contact eNom:

eNom Technical/Customer Support:    1-425-974-4689
eNom Support Ticket:

2. Transfer your domain to the new registrar as soon as possible. When you are ready to make the transfer, ask the ProStores customer service team to unlock your domain so the transfer can be processed by your new registrar. Note: ProStores support will cease after January 31, 2015. eNom Customer Support listed above can assist you any time before and after January 31, 2015.

3. When the transfer is complete, your domain can be configured to continue to point to your current store until your new store is open for business.

Changing your DNS records takes only a few minutes to complete, but can take at least 48 hours to fully propagate across the Internet.

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Reissuing SSL certificates purchased through ProStores

Merchants with valid GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SSL certificates may be able to have their SSL certificate reissued for use with a new hosting or ecommerce provider for the remainder of the certificate’s validity period. Not all hosting providers will allow or support externally purchased certificates. Merchants should contact their new provider to confirm they will allow the installation of an externally purchased GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SSL certificate in their environment.

Review the two options below for one that best meets your needs.

Option 1: Leverage free SSL re-issue process through Certs 4 Less

A number of SSL certificate resellers can help you navigate this SSL reissuing process. One such reseller is Certs 4 Less.

Certs 4 Less is a Platinum Partner for Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSLS. As a SSL certificate reseller for these popular brands, they are in a position to simplify and streamline the process to reissue a GeoTrust SSL certificate for installation in a new hosting environment. Certs 4 Less will facilitate most of the steps noted above in Option 1 through their control panel on behalf of the SSL Certificate owner.

There is no cost, risk or obligation to the certificate owner for using the Certs 4 Less service. Instead Certs 4 Less is offering this free service for the opportunity to earn your business once the certificate is due for renewal.

To learn more about the Certs 4 Less SSL migration support options, complete their web form with as much information as possible at:

A Certs 4 Less representative will contact you soon after you submit the form. No commitment is required with form submission, and Certs 4 Less will not take any action with your SSL certificate until you understand and agree to the process.

Additional Certs 4 Less contact information:
Support phone #: 1-888-818-0444
Support email:

Option 2: Do it yourself

Important note: If you choose the self-service option to re-issue your SSL certificate, support and renewal options for the SSL certificate will still expire on 2/1/2015 when the ProStores platform closes. Working with Certs 4 Less as noted in Option 1 will eliminate the risk of losing support and renewal services on your SSL after 2/1/2015.

Follow these steps to reissue a valid GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SSL Certificate:

1. Confirm your new hosting provider will allow you to deploy a GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SSL certificate in their environment

2. Once confirmed they will support the external SSL, obtain a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR) as it is required to complete the reissue process

3. If you want the ProStores storefront to resolve secure pages without warning messages after the certificate is re-issued, contact ProStores tech support via web ticket and request “SSL removal from ProStores account in preparation for SSL reissue”. Requests are processed within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. Requests must be submitting in writing to insure accurate processing. This step will not be valid after January 31, 2015 when your online store has been shutdown. This step can also be skipped if you do not need the ProStores checkout pages to resolve without errors after the certificate is reissued.

4. Confirm removal of your dedicated SSL certificate and automatic use of the ProStores shared SSL certificate by navigating to a secure page in the checkout flow of your storefront. The URL should change from your custom domain to “” or “” or “”. This step will not be valid after January 31, 2015 when your online store has been shutdown. This step can also be skipped if you do not need your ProStores storefront secure pages to resolve after the certificate is reissued.

5. Go to the GeoTrust User Authentication page:

6. Enter Fully qualified domain name or common name (i.e. or depending how the order was submitted) or Order ID for the most recent SSL purchase

7. Enter the email address used for most recent GeoTrust SSL purchase

8. Enter 5-digit number displayed in the image

9. Click Continue

10. A list of all certificates that meet the Common Name and contact e-mail criteria will appear

11. Click the Request Access button next to the order being reissued under the View Order Information column

12. A Order Information Request email will be sent to the contact email address provided at the SSL purchase time within minutes

13. Upon receipt of the Order Information Request email from GeoTrust, click the "To continue, please visit" link in the email to access the Manage Order page that lists the details of the certificate order

14. Click the “Reissue Certificate” link on the left-hand side of the page

15. Copy and paste the new CSR (Certificate Signing Request) provided by your new hosting company or ecommerce provider into the blank Certificate Signing Requirement field on the Reissue Certificate page. Contact your new hosting company for instructions on creating a new CSR for their environment. They may need to create it for you upon request. Click on the Generate CSR link ( for more help on generating CSRs for several hosting companies

16. Check the box to agree to the SSL Certificate Subscriber Agreement

17. Click the Submit button to complete the reissue process

18. Provide your new hosting provider or service provider the new information provided to you

Contact GeoTrust support at 1-866-436-8787 or 1-520-477-3152, if you encounter problems with any of the steps related to the GeoTrust interface

If you have questions about these two SSL migration options, you can contact the ProStores tech support team at 1-866-643-4929, option 1, through January 31, 2015.

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