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Easy SEO for Your Web Store

Tony DiCicco sells commercial restroom hand dryers on his websites ProDryers and eXtremeAirHandDryers.  Since he has a professional web background, he takes search engine optimization seriously.  It’s at the core of his Internet marketing.  Luckily ProStores makes it easy by providing automatic SEO.  All Tony has to do is tweak a few things so that he shows up on Page 1 of Google search.  His advice:

  • ProStores, seo, search engine optimization, prodryers, extremeairhanddryersTurn on sitemap generation so that ProStores can automatically create a search engine spider-friendly file and submit it to Yahoo and Google.  
  • Edit your source code and header template so that every page has a keyword-rich title.  “ProStores generates an automatic page title, which works beautifully for the homepage, since I can easily edit it” says Tony.  “But for the product pages, we like to have some more control over what appears there.” 
  • Add detailed keywords in the Search Engine Keywords field for your products.  For example, Tony uses keywords like “American Dryer, automatic, commercial, high speed, hand dryer.”
  • Add specific keywords to your categories.   “One of my categories is ‘American Dryer,’ and if I leave it as is, the keywords just show up as ‘American Dryer’," explains Tony.  "I need something more descriptive, so I use SSML code to add the text ‘restroom hand dryer’ behind it."  As a result, Tony consistently turns up as Number One or Number Two on Google searches for "restroom hand dryer."

“ProStores has made it nice and automatic," but Tony advises, “It takes time.  You do the best job you can and wait to see what Google does and then go back and refine it.” 

For more detailed information on ProStores SEO, go to the ProStores Learning Center

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