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Getting the Most out of Paid and Natural Search

We recently talked to featured merchant James Boryla of Star Wars Superstore about his strategies for natural and paid search. 

PS: Where do you start in terms of SEO?
JB: When you add products to your web store, ProStores will ask you for a list of product identifiers. You want to use as many fields as you possibly can for every product you carry—UPC, brand, model manufacturer. Since ProStores will send that information to Google, it will help you rise in search rankings and get more traffic.

PS: How do you choose your Google AdWords?
JB: I focus on a few of my larger product lines and run specific campaigns for those.  AdWords are not as worthwhile for smaller categories that have only a few items. On the other hand, the campaign I run on Google Shopping is for my whole store. 

PS: How does longevity help your search rankings?
JB: You rise in search the longer you’re around.  If your web store has been open for years, it’s going to rank above any new site. 

PS: How does optimizing your images improve your SEO?
JB: Google checks website load time and speed to inform its search rankings.  If your site is image heavy and your images are large, you may want to optimize them.  I hired a consultant to minify my CSS and optimize my jpg images so that they used less space or memory and loaded faster. 

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