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How to use an existing domain name with a ProStores account

Use an existing domain with ProStores - DNS settings or transfer

There are two options in regards to using an existing domain name with your ProStores account. One can leave their domain with the current registrar and simply point traffic to the ProStores store by changing DNS settings. The other option is to transfer the domain from the current registrar to ProStores (eNom). ProStores uses eNom (, an ICANN accredited registrar for domain registration and management services.

Option 1 – “Use an Existing Domain”

Select "Use an Existing Domain" option if you want to leave the domain with the current registrar and only point the domain to your ProStores account. This process requires one to change the DNS settings with the current registrar to point (not redirect) to ProStores DNS. This process does not transfer the domain from the current registrar to ProStores. Do not confuse this option with domain "forwarding", “redirecting” or "masking" options.

The DNS settings must be updated to the ProStores DNS settings (see below). A merchant may have access to make these changes on their own through an administrative area within the registrar's interface. If not, the merchant needs to contact the registrar to make the DNS changes for them.

Do not use the domain "Forward" options (Redirect or Masking) that might also be available through the registrar's domain manager interface. Only change the "Name Servers" settings.

For Go Daddy domains, click the "Nameservers" link > select the "Custom nameservers (I host my domains elsewhere.)" option > enter the name server values listed below. Go Daddy does not require IP Addresses for name server updates. Other registrars may.

Provide the registrar with the following DNS (domain name servers):

Name server                                IP Address (if required)





Note that in the "DNS01" - "DNS04" above, the '0' is the numeric value zero, not the letter 'o'.

After the DNS records have been updated with the registrar, add the domain to the ProStores DNS records. This process is initiated through the Domain Name management screen in the ProStores account. Log into the ProStores account > click the Account tab > Domain Name > select ‘Use an Existing Domain’ > enter the domain name (confirm accuracy of entry before proceeding, entry errors will delay the update process) > click ‘Proceed’ > (may take several minutes for the update to process on this page) once you receive the ‘Congratulations’ message > click ‘Return to Account Overview’.

It may take 24-72 hours for the DNS change to propagate throughout the Internet.

The domain owner will continue to manage the domain name, registration fees and other domain options through the current registrar with this approach. The ProStores support team is not able to provide maintenance or support functions for domains hosted outside of the ProStores environment.

Option 2 – “Transfer an Existing Domain”

Select "Transfer an Existing Domain" option to transfer domain hosting from your current registrar to ProStores (Enom). The domain owner retains ownership with this option.

There is no charge for the transfer service but the ProStores account will be charged $8.95 for the 1-year registration fee when the domain is transferred.  Your ProStores account must be current with an active payment method in place to initiate the transfer process.  A payment authorization process is made once the transfer process is initiated.  The $8.95 fee is not charged to your account until the transfer process completes.  There is no charge if the transfer is canceled or fails.    

Domains can only be transferred to different registrars every 60 days due to ICANN regulations:

Use this option to transfer the domain registration to ProStores and thereby making ProStores/eNom the “Registrar of Record”. Once ProStores/eNom becomes the registrar of the domain, the DNS changes are automatically updated.

Step 1 – Confirm WHOIS record

The domain owner should confirm the current WHOIS record is accurate and that they have access to the administrative email listed in the record.

Emails requiring responses are sent to the administrative contact email address listed in the WHOIS records.  Failure to respond to these emails will delay or cancel the domain transfer process. 

WHOIS records can be reviewed at numerous sites such as:
Contact your current registrar if discrepancies are noted with the WHOIS record.

Step 2 – Obtain Transfer Authorization Code

The domain owner needs to obtain an authorization code from the current registrar to initiate the transfer process on the ProStores domain management screen. Contact the original registrar for details on obtaining a transfer authorization code. Additional information about the transfer process with various registrars is available at:

The domain transfer information at the site listed above is intended to help ProStores merchants understand the process to start the transfer process from the original registrar. References to actions executed in the Enom domain management console are not applicable to ProStores merchants. ProStores merchant only need to provide the authorization code and respond to the auto-generated emails from eNom/ProStores and their original registrar to facilitate the transfer. ProStores and eNom will automatically manage the other aspects of the process on the domain owner’s behalf.

Step 3 – Initiate domain transfer process through ProStores account

Log into the ProStores account. Go to ‘Account’ > Domain Name > select ‘Transfer Existing Domain’ option > enter domain name (confirm accuracy of entry before proceeding, entry errors will delay the update process) > enter ‘Authorization Code’ > Proceed.

Step 4 – Respond to registrar emails

Domain owners will receive emails from the original and new registrar (eNom/ProStores - It’s imperative to respond or follow the directions included in those emails to complete the process. Failure to act will delay or cancel the transfer process.

It may take up to 5 days (from the date the domain owner responds to the ‘transfer request’ emails) the for the transfer process to complete.

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